Richii Wainwright 
Remote Producer, Songwriter, Engineer

Until just a few years ago, artists who wanted to to create professional recordings of their work were given no option other than to hire out a fancy studio and bring in a big name producer. Thankfully, modern technology has made this model obsolete. In today’s world, artists and producers can collaborate directly, remotely and independently..


The downside, as many artists have discovered, is that virtually anyone with a MacBook and Garageband can now call themselves a ‘producer’. For artists, this can pose a problem: On the one hand, you don’t want to pay lofty studio fees when you know that's an outdated approach, but on the other hand, where can you find these elusive modern producers? And if you do find them - how do you know they will be friendly, produce great sounds, and conduct themselves professionally?


If I’m describing your dilemma here, I may be the professional you are looking for. The info on this page is here to explain my process and skillset. If you're interested in working with me please feel free to contact me for a free consultation below. Let’s make something groundbreaking together!

Example Tracks

Written, Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Richii Wainwright

Avril Lavigne/Olivia Rodrigo Inspired Track
Slipknot Inspired Track
[EXOR] - Cast Out (Clip)


Whether you need someone to write and record an entire album, or your songs are all written already, and you just want to bring in someone who can push the writing to the next level - my 10+ years of professional, relentless music making all over the genre spectrum should have you covered. I would love to listen to your vision and offer my expertise.


Feel free to navigate through this site to find an array of songs written by myself, covering a wide variety of styles, sounds and approaches. Any inquiries about working together can be submitted at the foot of this page.

Pre-production is something of a lost art in the music industry. This is where we make sure the vibe is good before we begin making magic. First, we will assess your vision to ensure that we’re on the same page, working towards a common goal. From there, we will carefully analyse your music to be certain that before a note is committed to tape, we are on track for this project to manifest exactly to your vision, and to the highest possible level of quality. We will also use this time to establish a clear production schedule to maximize the efficiency of our workflow. In the final step of pre-pro, we will take some time to put all the pieces in place sonically. This greatly minimizes the likelihood that we’ll have to go back and re-record parts after production has already commenced.


One of the great gifts the digital age has given to the music industry, is that remote producing is now a reality. Artists are no longer confined to either settling for the studios and producers in their hometown, or travelling to a big city and paying way more than they should. Producers and artists can now work together from opposite ends of the world, which presents more opportunities for everyone.

When production begins, it’s time to go full steam ahead with the recording process. I always keep the vibes good when recording, while also maintaining a meticulous ear for the best takes. A personal rule of mine when it comes to recording, is that we don’t stop until we can feel that we have captured pure magic.



Once Production has wrapped, we’ll focus on editing the pieces of audio we’ve recorded to make sure we’re capturing only the most impactful moments and takes, and we’ll generally clean up the production to make sure it’s ready to go into mixing and mastering.


Once version one of our project is finished, we’ll take some time to listen back over the rough mix and reflect on what we’ve created, allowing space for any back-and-forth on additional ideas, so that we can finalize the track before entering the mixing stage.

Mixing is where we take our finalised recordings of each instrument, and push each part of the song or album to sound its best within the sonic context of the mix. This usually involves some back and forth between the producer and artist, as I will be sending you mixes and you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts (e.g. ‘the snare doesn’t sound like it’s popping hard enough in the chorus’). Mixing is all about balancing the different parts of the song so that every element is properly doing its part for the greater good of the song.


Mastering is where we take the finished mix, and prepare it for release. Imagine someone is listening to a Spotify playlist and your track comes on, but it’s quieter than the rest of the playlist, or doesn’t have the same level of clarity of your contemporaries’ tracks. Mastering is where we tackle all those obstacles, as well as making sure your music doesn’t just sound great in the studio, but translates in all situations - such as in a car, headphones, and laptop speakers. Since 2014, I have carefully mastered over 200 songs. In this time I have learned how to achieve an industry-standard level of loudness, without any audible loss of clarity or detail. I charge an incredibly competitive price for mastering, and generally work a lot faster than other mastering engineers, so you won’t have to endure such a nail-biting wait for your pristine, polished masters.



Depending on the complexity of the project, I tend to charge around:

Writing: £30 - £60 per track
Guitar Tracking £20 - £30 per track

Producing: £50 - £100 per track

Mixing: £20 - £40 per track

Mastering: £10 - £20 per track

For more in depth projects (for example ones where I am involved throughout the whole process) costs are lower overall. Hit me up below for a free consultation!

Let's Work Together!