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In a world where heavy music is becoming more and more predictable and uninspired, [EXOR] - the creative outlet of UK based Producer Richii Wainwright - provides an alternative for those seeking something deeper.
EXOR’s story is one of pushing against all odds and emerging from the darkness. Since childhood, Wainwright had one mission firmly in mind - form a great band that would carry the torch onwards from his '90s/'00s Nu Metal and Alt Rock heroes.
After a decade long struggle, and countless failed bands, Wainwright decided to stop letting others slow him down, and go it completely alone - mastering multiple instruments, music production, mixing, marketing, branding etc..
EXOR is the result of an unrelenting determination to breathe life back into heavy music. This project is made by a fan, for fans, and preaches the message Wainwright learned from his years of searching through the darkness - believe in yourself and keep pushing onwards.


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